FBI Background Check

Ink Fingerprinting is usually required for out-of-state or out-of-country purposes like:




Employment screening

Bar Association Registration



Firearm Registration

Visa & Immigration



Banking processes

Non-US Citizen FBI Criminal History Report



Teaching overseas

Traveling Nurses



Name Change Background Check

US Census Bureau Hiring


Ink fingerprints are captured using the “ink and roll” method. Our experienced and trained technicians guide your hand on the inkpad and then carefully roll your fingerprints on an FBI FD-258 hard card. We provide solvents and wipes to keep your hands clean and give you envelopes for the cards to avoid getting them dirty.

Many customers have a history of their fingerprints being rejected, mainly because of age, perspiration, arthritis or injuries. They come to us for Ink Fingerprinting because our team has built proficiency by perfecting our methods to quickly achieve a print that will get accepted by the FBI.

Do you need multiple ink fingerprint cards? With a one-time capture of your fingerprints electronically, we can print out as many FD-258 hard cards as you want!

However, if you use our Ink Fingerprinting service and it gets rejected by the FBI due to fingerprint technician error (i.e. images out of sequence), please walk into any of our locations with a Fingerprinting USA receipt as well as the rejection notice, and we will capture your fresh ink fingerprints free of charge. If this submission too gets rejected, then we will charge a new processing fee of $40 for a new set of fingerprints.

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